10 Things to Know Before Dating a Writer

Just to lighten up the mood around here,  I’ve decided to write some advice for those interested in dating a writer.

  1. If you don’t already know the difference between your and you’re, or their, they’re, and there, I suggest you study up before texting.
  2. In fact, if you generally struggle with grammar it’s best to stick to verbal conversations. Or you could download some sort of spell check app (autocorrect isn’t your friend).
  3. When you find out we’re a writer please resist the urge to use big words to impress us. You’re probably using the words incorrectly anyway.
  4. We are often labeled as absent-minded, however in reality we are just thinking of our next article or poem. Don’t prevent this process or you’ll be given the side-eye and/or we might just “go to the bathroom,” so we can write out our thoughts on our phones without interruption. Just be okay with repeating yourself when necessary, also prepare to be ignored.
  5. Often because we are so enveloped in our thoughts, our facial expressions appear as if we are not enjoying your company. It’s not you, it’s the creative process. Also, the content matter may have more effect on this.
  6. Of course, there is the possibility that it is you, maybe the date is going terribly and we’re already writing about the experience in our heads.
  7. You will be written about. Of course, we’ll maintain your anonymity (especially if it’s bad). If we don’t write about you, you need to spice your life up a bit.
  8. Don’t ask to see what we’re writing about in the middle of us writing. Just. Don’t. Wait until we offer it to you, if you want to live.
  9. If we show you what we’ve written, we really care about you, not just your opinion. Our work is precious to us so if we show you something before we publish it, we like you for real.
  10. If in the middle of a conversation we suddenly jump for our phones or notepads, just ignore us, and keep talking. We’re getting inspired. It may or may not have anything to do with the current conversation so it’s best to not ask questions.

“It goes up to 11!”: Upon discovering that we are a writer, please do not send us your “work” for us to edit, without asking. You will regret it.  (This happened in real life).

If you feel I missed some, please feel free to add in the comments!



Published by: Violet C

I'm a late 80's baby just getting through the millennium. Originally from the Bay Area, California, I recently made the move of a lifetime to Richmond, Virginia. I began writing as a child but found my passion for it much later. Whether it be poetry or articles, my blog "What's Done In The Dark," touches on many topics such as: Christianity, trauma, lust, celibacy, mental illness, drug abuse, rape, abortion, dating, bad parenting, and much more. My heart in print. As dark as it can be. Thank you all for taking the time to read. God Bless. My first anthology is now available on Amazon!

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